Put to good use at last

Buckets & Tins

Bucket & bread bin

These have been knocking around in my garden for years. This year I decided to drill some holes in the bottom and plant mixed flower seeds in them. Now they have a purpose and I’m so pleased with them. The bucket is a vintage Dutch potato bucket.


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3 responses to “Put to good use at last

  1. Reintje

    It’s so beautiful! I think a lot of your style wenn I create my own home and garden. I will send you some pictures sometimes. How’s life? Johanna and I saw eight other last saterday on a market. We talked about our wonderful time in Londen. Good memories. Send my greetings to your sons.
    Reintje from Holland


    • Hello Reintje !! Jenny or Batje gave it to me. Lovely to hear from you. Your baby is beautiful. Yes I still have good memories too of when you were here, so long ago.I’ll come over some time, I’d love to see you all again. say Hi to Johanna.XXXXXXXX


  2. Love that bread bin, they are useful things! A friend and I are going to start a little going concern selling beautiful things that have uses, bread bins filled with flowers are on the list!!!

    Jane x


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