Wonderful New deli and cafe in Muswell Hill, North London

Last weekend something very exiting happened in Muswell Hill. A new cafe opened.  That it has opened a few doors from where I live and I can almost yell my lunch order from my front room is amazing enough, but the fact that it serves some of the best food I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve eaten lots) is a very rare treat.

Chriskitch 004

It’s owned and run by Australian born Chris and his Polish born wife Bibi. They make absolutely everything themselves and it’s divine. Chris trained in Australia before moving to London where he worked with Gordon Ramsey in his signature restaurant in Hospital Road.

Chriskitch 016

He’s worked in some of the finest restaurants in Indonesia and in Egypt where he had a staff of 170. He also worked as number 2 head chef at London’s Dorchester Hotel for four years, was executive chef for at the Edwardian Hotel in Mayfair and executive chef for two years at The Hilton Tower Bridge.

Chriskitch 017

Chris and Bibi have just converted what was the chocolate shop on Tetherdown into the most convivial cosy, modern little eatery complete with fantastic antique furniture.

Chriskitch 006

The counter at the back came from an old paper mill in Essex and is stunning.

Chriskitch 005

In front the food stands on an old joiners bench which was sourced in Holland by antique dealer Drew Pritchard.

Chriskitch 023

The wooden floor boards are from an old textile factory in Islington and you can see where it’s been worn down by the trolleys

chriskitch & cafe rouge 001

and the main table at the front is a very well worn butchers block from an old French Country house.

Chriskitch 008

As for the food, oh my God the food, well I’ll eat anything and have just had mackerel and sweet corn straight out of the tins while writing this but I do know and very much appreciate exquisite home made food when I see it and that’s what you get at Chriskitch.

Chriskitch 020

I went there on Saturday (first day it was open) and we were kindly given a big plate of desserts to try.  Chocolate and wild strawberry tart, orange cake,

chriskitch & cafe rouge 003

baked cheese cake to die for, look at them all in their own little baking tins, banana cake and a scrumptious cake made with polenta. My friend and I were literally in a quiet cake euphoria  and couldn’t believe how good it was. We  were barely aware of Chris chatting away enthusiastically about his ingredients and cooking methods. We were very happy in our little cakey worlds.

Chriskitch 002

The next day a friend came over and we went there for a proper lunch as I was desperate to go back and show off my virtually en suite cafe to her. Well what joy….we had beetroot, orange and feta salad with pomegranate, and aubergine and chilli salad, with blue cheese and beer bread and corn and chilli bread, all of which Chris had made.

Chriskitch 003

With the most delicious  baked cheese cake to follow, coffee and the most delicious home made peach juice. I know I’ve used delicious twice in one sentence….but it was.

Chriskitch 010

It’s been Chris and Bibi’s  life long dream to have their  own deli one day and now they have, in my lovely Tetherdown in a beautiful Victorian building which has………

chriskitch & cafe rouge 004

it’s very own OUTSIDE  EATING AREA  !!!!! How lovely will that be in the Spring and Summer. ( No pics of that because it hasn’t been beautified quite yet ).

Chriskitch 011

Chriskitch 007

Chriskitch 014

Chriskitch 021

Chriskitch 012

Chriskitch 018

chriskitch & cafe rouge 002

Chriskitch 022

Chriskitch is open every day till 6pm  and opens at 12pm on Sundays.

7a, Tetherdown,

Muswell Hill

London.   Just by Fortismere school


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33 responses to “Wonderful New deli and cafe in Muswell Hill, North London

  1. You are so lucky to have such a fantastic place to eat right on your door step! The food looks delicious!


  2. Catherine Percy

    I live in Sydney but I think I will get on a plane the first opportunity to try this fabulous new cafe. The photos of the decor look wonderful and the food mouthwatering and reminiscent of delicious, experlyt and lovingly prepared home cooking. How lucky are the Muswell Hill locals.


    • That’s nice of you to post all the way from Sidney. The owner is Australian but I’m not sure where from. He works SO hard I don’t know when he sleeps, and they have 2 tiny children too. When mine were born it was all I could do to wash up a plate never mind open a cafe & do ALL the cooking . xx


  3. Fiona Deverall

    Oh my goodness, the food looks delectable and so tastefully displayed. Next time I’m over Muswell Hill way, I am making a beeline for this cafe! Thank you for sharing news of this wonderful new cafe.


  4. Blimey oh riley, I want some of that cake!!!! Next time you go in ask them if they want to franchise in the North East Nicky!!! Otherwise I’m coming to stay on your sofa for a weekend!! xx


  5. It’s bloody amazing actually. They’ve only been open 6 days so I’m not sure they’re ready to franchise yet. I’ve been there nearly every day and am going there for lunch tomorow. Bang goes any thought of dieting, there’s just no point even thinking about it is there when you’ve got this as a neighbour and he’s so kind he virtually flings free cakes at me as I walk past. He makes every single thing himself. Do you know what the best thing is ? Having nice neighbours. I’ve never had nice neighbours before and it’s a lovely feeling having them there 🙂
    Oh and you’re welcome to sleep on my settee any time xx


  6. I’m foaming at the mouth. This is nowhere near me, but next time I meet with a group of friends I’m going to suggest we go out of our way to this place. I mean, you would eat this food in an old shed, it looks so good – but to eat in such a handsome place as well – FANTASTIC.


  7. Julia France

    I went to this wonderfull cafe yesterday. The chef has put every ounce of thought, passion and sheer genious to create a real treat for you tastebuds. Wish I lived nearer, he’s a nice bloke too !
    Go Go Go


  8. Melanie Ledgett

    Hello, It looks great and I’m glad to say that you have another lovely person coming your way! We just farewell-ed a wonderful friend and member of our book club – Kylie, who is Chris’ sister! She is heading over there soon to work with him in this lovely cafe. All the way from the mid north coast of NSW, Australia!


    • Hello to you ! He said the other day that his sister was coming over to work there. He’ll be very glad when she’s here I’m sure as word of mouth is spreading and people like it. His food is amazing and his enthusiasm knows no bounds. xx


    • Kylie

      Thanks Mel gosh I have a lot to live up to, I’m excited and up for the challenge.


  9. Neighbour

    I can’t wait to go there!!! Is there any way to contact them for table bookings for this Sunday? Too bad they are not open later on weekdays – can’t make it after work. I will have to take a day off to try Chriskitch :))


    • It’s worth taking the day off for ! I don’t know if they going to be taking bookings and not sure if there’s a phone number yet either. There’s the big table at the front which seats about 6/8 and the other tables are for two but they probably can be rearranged. I’m going there tomorrow morning so I’ll ask for you. Are you very nearby ?


      • Neighbour

        Thanks nickygrace! I’m very nearby, literally around the corner from there. I wanted to visit Chriskitch this week, maybe on Thu or Fri evening but 6pm closing time is too early. So Sunday it is! We would be just two of us so hopefully we will have a table 🙂 This place is becoming more and more popular!


  10. I know, I can’t keep away ! I think on Sunday they open at about 11.30. The food and atmosphere is so nice. It’s lovely having a friendly local place which actually really cares about the food and the customers. X


  11. Muswell Hill is looking up… this, and an interesting looking wine shop on the way. Good for everything except my waistline


  12. Kate Posener

    so excited, heading here today from Finchley on the recommendation of a local, hope i don’t bump into my Slimming World counsellor! just too much temptation!


  13. Kate Posener

    we loved it, food made and served with such passion and love! fab soup, divine bread, gorgeous salads and cakes to die for! inexpensive too! bang goes the diet!


  14. Oh good ! Yes it’s everything you said, that bread’s amazing isn’t it. I’m going again on Sunday. You know you’re getting the best ingredients there and cooked by someone who really really cares xx


  15. Kate Posener

    we have booked for breakfast next friday for a friend’s birthday and can’t wait to go back!


  16. Kate Posener

    nicky, do you have their phone number, i have recommended it to a friend and she wants to go on thursday with a friend who lives locally but she wants to call to see if she can reserve? thanks so much. Kate x


  17. Had dinner there Thursday night and a few wines and the tucker is superb. Kylie has arrived and helped with service. We had an excellent dinner of soup, Chicken to die for and a wonderful desert. Highly recommended.


    • I wondered who was having dinner there as they close at 6pm. Kylie rushed round to me at 6 ish needing a bottle opener ! Are you friends/family of theirs ?


      • amanda Carter

        I am coming to London from Sydney and want to go to Chriskitsch. What is the address and opening hours and telephone number as I only have a few days in London and do not want to miss it, Amanda Carter


  18. elizabeth

    definitely going to this cafe tomorrow cant wait

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Chris honor

    Would love to see you in our new restaurant
    Chris and Bibi


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