Here I go again

I’m trying to get into a rhythm of blogging but it’s hopeless. It’s like doing homework and I put it off and put it off and then when I try again WordPress has changed and I get stuck and email Lindsay at who helps me but then I leave it again for a few weeks and then something changes again and arggggggg.

I want to blog. I have ideas constantly and I write blogs in my head all the time, while I’m walking the dog, having a shower, cooking etc. It’s just the mechanics I’m not good at. Ideally I’d like to have someone to do it for me, so they could follow me round while I’m doing doing the washing and cleaning, shopping, working and driving and I could dictate stuff and they could blog it with the photos I take. Oh I’d love that !
They could also maybe take the rubbish out for me, go to Tescos, unload the dishwasher, cook me lovely healthy dinners every night and mend my cutlery drawer which is stuck. I’d be very good to them and pay them well because I’d have won ten million pounds on the lottery, which is the only way I could possibly afford such a luxurious extravagance.
I’ve just eaten 3 caramel Lindor chocolates and an Easter rabbit’s bottom so I’m in a chocolate induced hayes dreaming of what will never be.
I pledge that I will make myself to blog once a week ish from now on and hopefully it’ll eventually come naturally…..

20140307-140523.jpgThese are one of my sets of Dutch drawers. I don’t know real real name for them but years ago I’d go to Amsterdam regularly and I collected them. There weren’t many around even 20 years ago and now they’re quite rare.
I think it’s from around the fifties and most houses had one in their kitchen for their flour, sugar, herbs and spices. In the Uk we had plastic ones I remember.

20140307-142622.jpgI keep lots of my sewing things in this one including my name labels.

20140307-142756.jpgThis one is for sugar. I know sugar is the devil but I love it and always have. I especially love sugar lumps but if I had a box in the house I’d eat them all in a couple of days.
My friend bought me these lovely brown sugar stirrers the other day.

20140307-143812.jpgMy youngest turned 18 last week so technically they’re all adults and my work here is done ! πŸ™‚ whew.

20140307-145335.jpgI’m making a new little picture with vintage fabric to go in my etsy shop.

Till next time xxx


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13 responses to “Here I go again

  1. Jacqui

    It is hard fitting everything in at times isn’t it? Maybe if you don’t have a lot of time upload a nice picture with a short caption just to keep you in the swing! Wouldn’t it be lovely if our work finished when the kids hit 18…..I do think though that I would miss it….kind of…..maybe. My 13 year old son had a problem today which I sorted out over the phone. He paid me a lovely compliment later and gave me a big hug which made my day. Love your unusual storage cabinets and your pretty vintage fabric picture. Your birthday display looks so pretty too. I do like your glass cake dome and of course all the yummy chocolate. Any left?


    • Hello,
      my job is only technically finished. It never stops it just changes as they get older.It’s just so weird that legally their all adults now πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Nicky i do love reading your blog and facebook page ,you always make me smile and i love the way you write and looking at your lovely home , one day i plan a visit to your lovely b&b /guest room it looks dreamy xxxx


  3. Thanks Francine !! That’s so nice of you. Yes the guest room is keeping me busy, I’ve become a chamber maid in my own house πŸ™‚ Your home is amazing too, and everything you make xxx


  4. I find the only way I get things done is to set an alarm!! Sad..but true!! xxx


  5. Those Dutch drawers are pretty fancy! I don’t remember the UK plastic ones, but i have original glass pull out containers/mini drawers which are part of a 50s glass fronted cupboard over a butlers sink -( my whole kitchen still has the original 50s wooden units and 50s rayburn!)
    Your choccy eating made me laugh!
    I’ve never tried WordPress , only Blogger, which I find very quick and easy to post with.


  6. Hi Nicky, so sorry that I forgot to comment on this, I read it ages ago. I love your writing style and lovely pics – and that cake looks perfect.
    I got your new Green Shield Stamps post via email, but when I clicked on it, it said ‘not found’.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend x


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