Another Year and still haven’t got the hang of blogging.

But I really want to, for my tiny business so I’m going to keep persevering. I haven’t done a blog post for a long time and sometimes I’d pay a lovely local lady called Estelle to do them for me as I’m severely dyspraxic and it’s getting worse and find this soooo difficult. I’d tell her what to write and I’d give her the photos but she’s moved 700 mikes away to Orkney quite possibly to get as far away from my irritatingly special needs as possible !!

So with my nice new second hand phone I’m going to try again. I don’t know what I’m doing and all these signs, symbols and information don’t go into my brain so I’ll ignore them. I’m actually scared of them.

A few nice bits.

I’d hoped in the year I’ve been away from my blog that WordPress would have become simpler but alas not.

So I don’t know how to make the writing closer to the photos and I don’t know why this is in a box, but I’m scared to touch anything in case I lose/delete it and then it’ll be another year till I try again. This has already taken me half an hour as I get so distracted. It’s bloody ridiculous and unbelievably frustrating.

Lovely old wheel barrow in the nearby allotments. VW Beetle blue.

Because of the C (19) word and all the restrictions my workshops and children’s craft parties in The Green Shed N10 are a no go until further notice so I’ve been concentrating more on my

Vintage fabric patchwork lavender bag.
Lovely old glass medicine bottles.

Etsy shop and listing things on eBay too.

Old tin letters.
Gorgeous vintage bottles.
I adore the orange roses on this lavender bag.

Vintage embroidery lavender bag.

I’ve started doing virtual fairs on Instagram too and I’m doing one this Saturday January 23rd from 10 till 5pm where the above items plus lots more (not the wheelbarrows) will for sale.

I won’t say how long this post has taken so far as I’m too embarrassed. Suffice to say I could have watched ‘Gone With The Wind’ in the time it took me to work out how to do the links.

If the links work I might crack open the bottle of non alcoholic Elderflower wine which my lovely friend left on my doorstep other day. It’ll be the equivalent of passing three 0’levels.

I won’t even care if no one sees it. It’ll be a massive achievement.

I’m not good at answering any comments unfortunately because that would mean finding my password to log back in. Oh God, passwords, I won’t even go there.

If they don’t then I’ll go to bed with the wine, a packet of custard creams and a large tub of salted caramel Haagen Dazs ice cream

I daren’t press publish. Here goes …….

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