Pop Up Sales

Vintage floral picture. I’ve painted the wooden hoop green. This is hand embroidery from the fifties and I’ve sewn on some vintage flowers

This is four separate lengths of mini vintage Disney bunting. They are usually 2, 3 or 5 meters in length and like most of my things, they are for sale in my on line shop as well as my House Sales.

The May Sale with author/stylist Selina Lake doing a book signing of ‘Homespun Style was a lovely sunny day so we could expand into the garden.

As well as Debby’s cakes I made lemonade !

Hand crochet cushion cover. The back is made with a dusky pink vintage blanket.

Bluish green mini vintage Disney bunting without any pink.

Mini vintage bunting on the bathroom door. I was practising taking pics with different lighting.

Sweet Knitted teddy leaning again gorgeous hand crochet cushion.

A corner of my kitchen during my Pop up Shop.

Vintage fabric bunting in the breeze.

My new weather proof sign and lemons for juicing.

Vintage fabric purses and make up bags made by my friend the amazingly talented Jane Clucas who helps me at my sales. She makes a constant stream of these so I’ll have lots to sell.

I love old prints and advertising. I’ve been collecting it for years and have quite a bit at the sales.

You will be welcomed by my beautiful friendly fifties ladies.

Yes 10 cards for £1. They are my own designs and are printed on best quality card. I had a huge amount printed, hence the price.

Card and prints of my fabric collages. I have lots and lots of them so they are keenly priced.

I sell gorgeous floral ceramic jugs which are stunning with flowers in. A garland of mini vintage bunting hangs above.

Another corner of the kitchen. You can just about see the tops of the chocolate Easter bunnie’s ears !

Mini Mouse and Daisy duck bunting with petals from the garden.

I love Easter doorstep frivolity.

My lovely friend Fran Kaye make the most wonderful ceramics which I feel very privileged to sell (and own some too).

Wonderful handmade toys and ceramics.

Flowers from the garden. This may look like a huge bouquet but it’s actually a teeny weeny little glass full.

Some vintage crockery on the cooker and some vintage fabric patchwork quilts which I make.

Up close and personal mini vintage bunting.

My sons were slightly perturbed when I adorned the kitchen shelves with girly ice cream colours. Now thank fully they don’t even notice. I do though and I love it.

A table full of lovelyness. High quality, hard to find, floral vintage fabric made into wonderful presents for people to cherish. Everything is a one off. No two things are the same and it’s all handmade in England !!!!!!!!

Cream cakes and Bambi.

Some of this fabric was handmade in the USA in the thirties and forties. It’s so exquisite and I love putting it all together.

I wrap all the lavender bags in cellophane to keep them clean.

Flowers and candles. Two of my favourite things.

Three of Fran Kaye’s sweet little hand made bowls. Just beautiful !

Original artwork by commercial artist Andy Bridge

Pop up Shop kitchen work surface 🙂 not a baked bean in sight !

green as green can be

lovely ladies

fifties ladies

lovely reflection

Nicky Grace's Open House

Pop Up Shop Interior

hand crochet cushion

Hand crochet cushions at the Easter Pop up Shop

3 responses to “Pop Up Sales

  1. I love your creations. Well done!


  2. Julie Gleeson

    So pretty it looks perfect!


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