'Best mini-bunting ever created,  Nicky is something of a 
vintage guru'
Emma Freud

'Nicky Grace sources and makes such lovely vintage 
treasures, you never know what you might find...
and you always know you've got one of a kind'
Sophie Thompson

'Nicky's vintage shop is a wonder of creative delights. 
A beautiful setting to shop in which lifts your spirits 
and makes you want to linger and stay for a cup of tea too!'
Emma Glover

'Nicky’s Pop up Shop is an original and refreshing 
explosion of colour and warmth. Buying beautiful, 
unique hand-made products in such a loving and creative 
home environment (whilst nibbling on the yummycakes) was 
my ideal shopping experience. Go with a friend and enjoy 
a great day out together. I didn’t want to leave!'
Bridgit Napleton

‘I just love Nicky’s wonderful selection of vintage fabrics 
and gifts because they’re so bright and colourful. 
They always cheer me up.

So I try to go along to her open house pop-ups held every 
few months. There are piles of 1960’s and ‘70’s fabrics, 
soft tablecloths that have been patiently hand stitched, 
patchwork throws and cushions as well as jolly coloured 
trickets and pots. It’s a treasure trove of colour and I 
could spend hours just browsing.

I can’t stop myself buying and I’ve had a soft white vintage 
tablecloth, embroidered with dainty daisyflowers. It reminds 
me of the time my mum tried to teach me to embroider.

And, I’ve bought fabric pictures and cards – ideal for gifts.

But my current favourite is the children’s mini bunting – 
little hand cut triangles of vintage fabric featuring flowers, 
checks and spots, sewn together with satin ribbon.  
So adorable is the bunting thatI didn’t want to part with it. 
So, now I’ll have to go back and buy some more for myself.’
Maud Davis

'Nicky's vintage bunting is utterly joyful and beautifully made.
She sources authentic vintage floral and embroidered fabrics
and the combinations she uses are wonderful.  the gorgeous
strings of little flags I bought from Nicky have been the perfect
finishing touch to both my little girls' birthday parties and 
my Open Studios.'
Emma Mitchell 

'Nicky has an incredible talent and a real eye for Vintage interiors
and accessories. As soon as I walked in to Nickys first event, I
thought I had arrived in heaven. Unique pieces, eclectic items mixed
with a vintage twist' 
Jane Means

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