Children’s craft classes in my front room,

    • I’ve taken the plunge and decided to do some craft classes for children at my home in Muswell Hill London N10.
    • Classes will be fun, friendly, inclusive, cosy and informal with children making cards, pictures, bunting, and other things with 
    • a huge selection of beautiful vintage fabric, lace and trimmings which I’ve collected over the last 22 years for my work as a  
    • textile artist. 
    • The children will be aged 6 to 11 and will wear stickers with their names on and I’ll play a couple of little ice breaker games 
    • the start which will enable them to get to know each other straight away and eliminate any nerves they might have about 
    • knowing each other. 
    • These won’t be rigid, formal classes. I’m not a teacher. I’m a mother of 3 lovely grown up children in their early twenties and 
    • my house is very easy going and cheerful.
    • The children will sit round the table having fun and laughing with as much or as little help from me as 
    • they want.
    • Classes are £15 for 2 hours on Saturdays at 10.30 am till 12.30 pm.
    • There will be water, fruit and a few biscuits in the kitchen half way through.
    • Parents do not need to stay.
    • Dates for this term are …..
    • April Saturday 29th
    • May 6th
    • May 13th
    • May 20th
    • May 27th
    • Payment of £75 for the term will be in advance via Pay Pal to
    • There will be a maximum of 8 children. 
    • I’ll always have at least one helper.
    • I am CRB/DBS registered and I have Public Liability Insurence. 
    • I’m happy to have sessions at other times too if you want to get 6 to 8 children together.
    • These classes are for boys too, it’s not all pink and girly.
    • I have a very friendly little West Highland Terrier dog who will probably be around.
    • You can email me or phone/text me on 07909 537 403 for more information. 
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      Tea, Cake & Blogging

      I’ve just realised I haven’t done a blog post this year. I’m not a natural blogger as the simplest of technical tasks leave me flummoxed and and reaching for the biscuit tin but I was having a tea and cake in  Chriskitch (our wonderful and amazing local deli/cafe) today with the lovely Lindsay of and she encouraged me to start blogging again.  


      Mouth watering Cake from ChrisKitch


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      Lots of lovely vintage fabric lavender hearts

      IMG_4392.JPGI’ve just put lots of my vintage fabric lavender hearts in my shop…..

      IMG_4437.JPGat Half price !!!!

      IMG_4396.JPGthey’re in sets of 2, 3 and 4

      IMG_4410.JPGthey’re a perfect little way to say Thank You to teachers who have worked tirelessly all year….

      IMG_4404.JPGthey’re extremely easy to post to friends and relatives…….

      IMG_4439.JPGand children love them too so are delighted to find them in their Christmas stockings.

      IMG_4433.JPGI’m selling these at below the price I normally sell them to shops. A beautiful handmade little treat 🙂


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      Mumsnet Blogfest 2014

      IMG_4259.JPGThis was the third time I’ve been and I think it was the best so far. It’s an amazingling swish and polished event with 450 women (and the odd man). Lots of speakers, workshops and great food.

      IMG_4262.JPGI went with Lindsay Miller from and we had a brilliant day.
      I hold a very special place in my heart for Mumsnet as it was an invaluable source of information, comfort, support and belly laughs a few years ago during a very bad time.

      IMG_4263.JPGThe highlight for me this year, apart from the food which amazing as always, was a session with Camila Batmanghelidjh , Suzanne Moore and Francesca Martinez. They were funny, joyful (and triumphant) and those 3 women together was quite a brilliant ménage a trois of superbness.

      IMG_4261.JPGTo be sashaying around in the fantastic Kings Place in the ever evolving and stunning Kings Cross on a dull November Saturday was an absolute treat and just look at the contents of my goody bag 🙂
      Thanks mumset (and Justine)



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      Back to blogging :)

      IMG_4226.JPGJust a few pictures to get me back into the habit of blogging. It’s been ages.

      IMG_4020.JPGNasturtiums are still flowering in November.

      IMG_3890.JPGMy youngest son was 20


      IMG_4088.JPGMy oldest son was 23. I’ve been sorting out my unruly piles of fabric, joined Instagram and have started watching Breaking Bad which I’m absolutely LOVING.


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      Double Page Spread in Evening Standard Homes & Property ! 10 years ago.

      20140628-144114-52874606.jpgI’ve just realised that almost exactly 10 years ago the lovely Pattie Barron who was and still is the Gardening editor came with photographer Marianne Majerus to take photos of my house and garden.

      20140628-145810-53890325.jpgThey wanted a colourful centre spread to coincide with Chelsea Flower Show, May 2004.

      20140628-150254-54174248.jpgWe’d bought the house the house in a completely derelict state two years earlier and lived in it with no kitchen or heating or anything much.

      20140628-150914-54554174.jpgBut it was Victorian with a big garden that hadn’t been touched for 40 years and I loved it.

      20140628-151114-54674921.jpgWe renovated it ourselves gradually uncovering some lovely original panelling. I asked the people who bought our old house if we could have the kitchen units etc back when they replaced them! As I knew that unfortunately they were going to modernise. We’d renovated that house too. So one Saturday morning year after we’d moved here, they phoned and said that they were about to put kitchen in a skip so we literally raced round and got it and had it fitted.

      20140628-152041-55241171.jpgIt’s just IKEA cupboards, an old sink and a plywood work surface that I’d painted but I was so pleased to have them back and they’re still going strong today and still looking ok for their age as they were in It’s all pretty much still the same apart from the room with the blue walls which we call The Middle Room which I used as a shop before I got my proper shop.I’ve now turned that into a little B&B with it’s own ensuite. The ensuite bathroom was actually the original kitchen when the house was built. There’s a lot of history in this house which was built in 1865.



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      My Blue Garden

      20140516-194548.jpgEvery year at the middle of May, my garden turns blue.

      20140516-194751.jpgThe Solanum which I planted about 5 years ago is very happy and has grown over the swing hammock so we can’t sit on it yet ! I’m a very lazy gardener and shouldn’t have let that happen but I don’t mind.

      20140516-195247.jpgThere are lots and lots of bluebells which have now spread and are growing against the ugly old wall that I painted in blue emulsion when we moved here.

      20140516-195636.jpgThe Ceanothus which was a tiny little thing is now 7 feet tall

      20140516-195927.jpgand the Wisteria is apparently over 100 years old and is now on borrowed time as it relies on a very tall, brittle, dead plum tree for support.

      20140516-200556.jpgA friend once gave me a very small old enamel bath that she no longer wanted. She said it was from an old ship. I put it behind the back door and planted a little lilac shrub in it which has got huge and smells divine in the morning sun.


      20140516-201142.jpgThe forget me knots spread more and more every year and I love them so much.

      20140516-201818.jpgI’ve been cutting bits off very few days to have inside and they last surprisingly long as cut flowers.

      20140516-202033.jpgIt all flowers together for about 3 weeks and it’s a very special time in my garden.

      20140516-202237.jpgIt inspired me to make blue and purple floral garlands which I’ve put in my etsy shop.

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