Another Year and still haven’t got the hang of blogging.

But I really want to, for my tiny business so I’m going to keep persevering. I haven’t done a blog post for a long time and sometimes I’d pay a lovely local lady called Estelle to do them for me as I’m severely dyspraxic and it’s getting worse and find this soooo difficult. I’d tell her what to write and I’d give her the photos but she’s moved 700 mikes away to Orkney quite possibly to get as far away from my irritatingly special needs as possible !!

So with my nice new second hand phone I’m going to try again. I don’t know what I’m doing and all these signs, symbols and information don’t go into my brain so I’ll ignore them. I’m actually scared of them.

A few nice bits.

I’d hoped in the year I’ve been away from my blog that WordPress would have become simpler but alas not.

So I don’t know how to make the writing closer to the photos and I don’t know why this is in a box, but I’m scared to touch anything in case I lose/delete it and then it’ll be another year till I try again. This has already taken me half an hour as I get so distracted. It’s bloody ridiculous and unbelievably frustrating.

Lovely old wheel barrow in the nearby allotments. VW Beetle blue.

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Easter 2021

Shelf in the hall.
Mrs chick eagerly waiting for the hairdresser to open after the third lockdown.
Bluebell hats and eggs from Carluccio’s. Poor Carluccio’s who went into administration last year. I liked going in their. It always felt like Spring in there.
These bunnies remind me of the horror film Children of the Damned. These are Bunnies of the Dammed. Took me bloody ages to do as I recall because they kept falling over.
I love this so much because it wasn’t styled. Poor little chick accidentally got squashed. Wrong place, wrong time.
Easter always reminds me of going in my wonderful grandma’s lovely little garden and her hiding eggs for my kids when they were little. They and my little niece each had their allotted side to avoid arguments and punch ups 🤣
I love her smile. She’s a gorgeous mother hen.
Long ago and far away I used to make cakes. Jolly nice they were but I couldn’t sleep at night because they called to me from the kitchen.
Easter bunnies having a gossip with little chick at the bottom straining her head to hear for any salacious news.
Old flour bucket which is now in the garden with plants in.
Chocolate bunny Skittles ? They remind me of mums chatting in the school playground waiting for their children to come out.
I love my Ribe shrub (flowering current). It really does smell of Ribena !!
When I received my copy of Selina Lake’s book Pretty Pastel Style where my house was featured on quite a few pages. That was a high point I must say. All downhill from there 😂
Beautiful Anenomies with matching rabbits.
Carluccio’s ladybirds crawling out of the anenimies.
I’ve always loved everything about Easter.
My Easter Mini Vintage Bunting

Happy Easter Monday.


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Sewing Workshops for girls and boys 2019.

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The Green Shed October 2018

For a two-year old’s birthday party, I took away one of the tables to make more floor space and I loved finding lots of my children’s old toys for them to play with.

“We had a small party for our son’s second birthday at Nicky’s wonderful Green Shed. The kids loved playing in the cosy shed, running around the garden, chasing Maisie the dog and watching the tortoises. There’s something magical about this beautiful, peaceful and bohemian place, well hidden right in the middle of Muswell Hill. Highly recommended!”

Words and Wine

Nichola put on another lovely creative writing event, which was fully booked. The next one will be on Wednesday 31st October, 8pm until 10pm. Normally I have flowers on the table but this time I had some helxine plants, which I bought for my miniature gardens, so I used them instead. To find out more about the creative writing evenings, please go to Creative Writes.

Half-term workshops

Scrapbook sessions for children aged 6 and upwards

I’m doing two scrapbook workshops this half term, on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October, from 2pm until 5.30pm. They are very relaxed sessions and children can go at their own pace with as much or as little help from me as they want. They work individually using materials from my huge collection of vintage fabric, paper and all sorts of wonderful craft supplies. They get fully engrossed and love the colourful results. Find out more and book here.

“My children loved their time scrapbooking at The Green Shed. It was a calm creative session and Nicky helped and encouraged them to think about the content and design of their books, while letting them loose with an amazing selection of craft supplies. They have been showing off their books to everyone ever since! We’ll definitely be back for more activities at The Green Shed with Nicky. Many thanks again.” August 2018

Create a miniature autumn woodland garden

Thursday 25th October 2018, 2pm to 4.30pm

I have 10 spaces for this lovely workshop. Children aged 6/7 upwards will make a miniature garden approximately 24cm by 38cm using real plants, moss, stones and all sorts of other lovely bits. They’ll have as much help from me as they want and will take home a magical little garden, which will thrive if left in a light place and watered. My background is in horticulture and I was a florist for 10 years so I’m really excited about this workshop (I hope to do one for adults soon). Find out more and book here.

I will also be doing a winter wreath workshop for adults with a very good florist friend of mine sometime in November (date to be arranged). Please contact me if you’re interested.


I’m having a big declutter/clearance sale in The Green Shed on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November from 11am to 4pm both days. I’ll be selling ceramics, old furniture, prints, pictures by well-known illustrator Andy Bridge, vintage fabric lavender bags, floral ceramic jugs and lots lots more. Also, a lovely lady called Luisa Hayes will be selling her vintage painted furniture in my driveway. The door will then be open to walk through my garden to The Green Shed, where everything will be on sale. If you want more details before the sale, please contact me.

I used to have a shop in Crouch End at 128 Crouch Hill called The Middle Room and some of the things in the sale will be things from then that it is now time to let go of.

If you’d like to get in touch about any of my events, please email me at That’s all for now xxx

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A little round-up of recent weeks

On a chilly day this spring, some lovely ladies from all over the world hired The Green Shed N10 for a day of spirituality, sharing stories, eating and bonding. I was invited to join and it was really wonderful. It will be repeated in December and it will be open to the public this time.

“Dear Nicky. Amazing that a week and a day have passed since our powerful gathering in your great space. It was a bit of magic in many ways and I wanted to thank you for your great contribution and generosity in helping it work and clearing up when we had to rush off to the concert. The wonderful collection of blankets, Maisie, and the tortoises added to its specialness.” Sara Adler

Children’s craft parties in The Green Shed N10

I did a lovely craft party two weeks ago for a little girl’s 7th birthday. We made mini bunting with beads and lavender bags. And, amazingly, every parent allowed me to use their child’s photo, for which I was grateful. It was one of these boiling hot days of drought but the shed is very insulated, partly because it has a ‘green’ roof, so never gets hot. Most of the parents stayed while the party was on and they drank prosecco in the garden.

“I wanted to recommend The Green Shed in Muswell Hill as a brilliant venue for children’s birthday parties. Nicky Grace is a great hostess who does craft activities with children and they made beaded bunting and lavender bags. A massive thank you to you. It was magical. The children had so much fun and I loved what they came home with. It was amazing for the parents to be able to just relax and enjoy your beautiful garden. It was a brilliant party; definitely the least stressful one we’ve done so far. One to repeat. Everyone, parents included, had a lovely time.”

Words and Wine creative writing

Every month, Nichola Charalambou holds her lovely creative writing evenings in The Green Shed. There’s wine, cheese and biscuits, and it’s lots of fun. Nichola particularly doesn’t give any critique, so it’s laid back, informal, non-competitive and non-judgemental. It’s different every time, with different themes. Some people try and make every one but there are always new people too. I am lucky enough to actually attend and though I’m no creative writer, that absolutely doesn’t matter, as it’s a joy to listen to some of those who are. For more details, please contact Nichola on her website, which is

Ukulele and Crafts

Margie Gianni is a wonderful Italian ukulele teacher with bright pink hair. She held her Ukulittle party in The Green Shed a few weeks ago, which involved children and parents playing colourful ukuleles and singing. It was like a scene from The Sound of Music and it was absolutely adorable. She does all sorts of other activities with them too. On Thursday 30th August 2018, we’re collaborating with a special little event called Ukulele and Crafts. It’ll be in The Green Shed N10 and children will learn/play ukulele and also make crafts with me. Please visit for more details.

Ukulele party a few weeks ago in The Green Shed N10

If you’d like more information about hiring The Green Shed or having a children’s party there, please visit or email me at I’m in the centre of Muswell Hill, North London, N10.

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Children’s craft classes in my front room,

    • I’ve taken the plunge and decided to do some craft classes for children at my home in Muswell Hill London N10.
    • Classes will be fun, friendly, inclusive, cosy and informal with children making cards, pictures, bunting, and other things with 
    • a huge selection of beautiful vintage fabric, lace and trimmings which I’ve collected over the last 22 years for my work as a  
    • textile artist. 
    • The children will be aged 6 to 11 and will wear stickers with their names on and I’ll play a couple of little ice breaker games 
    • the start which will enable them to get to know each other straight away and eliminate any nerves they might have about 
    • knowing each other. 
    • These won’t be rigid, formal classes. I’m not a teacher. I’m a mother of 3 lovely grown up children in their early twenties and 
    • my house is very easy going and cheerful.
    • The children will sit round the table having fun and laughing with as much or as little help from me as 
    • they want.
    • Classes are £15 for 2 hours on Saturdays at 10.30 am till 12.30 pm.
    • There will be water, fruit and a few biscuits in the kitchen half way through.
    • Parents do not need to stay.
    • Dates for this term are …..
    • April Saturday 29th
    • May 6th
    • May 13th
    • May 20th
    • May 27th
    • Payment of £75 for the term will be in advance via Pay Pal to
    • There will be a maximum of 8 children. 
    • I’ll always have at least one helper.
    • I am CRB/DBS registered and I have Public Liability Insurence. 
    • I’m happy to have sessions at other times too if you want to get 6 to 8 children together.
    • These classes are for boys too, it’s not all pink and girly.
    • I have a very friendly little West Highland Terrier dog who will probably be around.
    • You can email me or phone/text me on 07909 537 403 for more information. 
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      Tea, Cake & Blogging

      I’ve just realised I haven’t done a blog post this year. I’m not a natural blogger as the simplest of technical tasks leave me flummoxed and and reaching for the biscuit tin but I was having a tea and cake in  Chriskitch (our wonderful and amazing local deli/cafe) today with the lovely Lindsay of and she encouraged me to start blogging again.  


      Mouth watering Cake from ChrisKitch


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      Lots of lovely vintage fabric lavender hearts

      IMG_4392.JPGI’ve just put lots of my vintage fabric lavender hearts in my shop…..

      IMG_4437.JPGat Half price !!!!

      IMG_4396.JPGthey’re in sets of 2, 3 and 4

      IMG_4410.JPGthey’re a perfect little way to say Thank You to teachers who have worked tirelessly all year….

      IMG_4404.JPGthey’re extremely easy to post to friends and relatives…….

      IMG_4439.JPGand children love them too so are delighted to find them in their Christmas stockings.

      IMG_4433.JPGI’m selling these at below the price I normally sell them to shops. A beautiful handmade little treat 🙂


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      Mumsnet Blogfest 2014

      IMG_4259.JPGThis was the third time I’ve been and I think it was the best so far. It’s an amazingling swish and polished event with 450 women (and the odd man). Lots of speakers, workshops and great food.

      IMG_4262.JPGI went with Lindsay Miller from and we had a brilliant day.
      I hold a very special place in my heart for Mumsnet as it was an invaluable source of information, comfort, support and belly laughs a few years ago during a very bad time.

      IMG_4263.JPGThe highlight for me this year, apart from the food which amazing as always, was a session with Camila Batmanghelidjh , Suzanne Moore and Francesca Martinez. They were funny, joyful (and triumphant) and those 3 women together was quite a brilliant ménage a trois of superbness.

      IMG_4261.JPGTo be sashaying around in the fantastic Kings Place in the ever evolving and stunning Kings Cross on a dull November Saturday was an absolute treat and just look at the contents of my goody bag 🙂
      Thanks mumset (and Justine)



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      Back to blogging :)

      IMG_4226.JPGJust a few pictures to get me back into the habit of blogging. It’s been ages.

      IMG_4020.JPGNasturtiums are still flowering in November.

      IMG_3890.JPGMy youngest son was 20


      IMG_4088.JPGMy oldest son was 23. I’ve been sorting out my unruly piles of fabric, joined Instagram and have started watching Breaking Bad which I’m absolutely LOVING.


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