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OMG I’m in the book !! “Pretty Pastel Style” by Selina Lake

I received my copy of Selina’s brand new book a couple of weeks ago and was completely overwhelmed  to find so many pics of my house in it. I’ve taken photos of the pages and I’m not going to write anything with them because that would make me feel silly, like when an estate agent shows you round a house saying “this is the kitchen, this is the lounge” and you just want to ask him to please go away so you can look round in peace.  The photographer is Catherine Gratwicke and the words are by Joanna Simmons.

Pretty pastel style fair 025

The lovely embroidered hoop is by Vicky Trainor

The lovely embroidered hoop is by Vicky Trainor

Frans birthday 006

Frans birthday 007

Frans birthday 009

Frans birthday 013

Frans birthday 010

Frans birthday 014

Frans birthday 008

Frans birthday 012

Frans birthday 015

Frans birthday 016

Frans birthday 017

Frans birthday 018

Frans birthday 019

Frans birthday 020

Selina's bike

Selina’s bike

Thank you SO much Selina Lake, Catherine Gratwicke, Joanna Simmons and publishers


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Selina Lake’s book launch and vintage fair for “Pretty Pastel Style” March 2013

Pretty pastel style fair 013

I’d had a stall at Selina’s book launch and vintage fair a year ago for ‘Homespun Style’ so I knew that this event would be lovely too and it really was. It was in Kingston Surrey in a beautiful old building called Market House in Market Place surrounded by lovely shops, fruit and veg stalls and hustle and bustle. Selina’s used a few pictures of my house in her new book so I felt quite ‘part of it’ and a bit bowled over actually.

My vintage fabric flower pictures

My vintage fabric flower pictures

Jane's vintage fabric purses and make up bags

Jane’s vintage fabric purses and make up bags

My good friend Jane Clucas came too and we shared a stall as we had also done at the last book launch.  Jane makes the most beautiful purses, make up bags, tiny animals in vintage sleeping bags and other things. She’s been a designer/ maker for about 20 and has sold to Cath Kidston, The Conran Shop, Couverture, among others and currently sells to Paul Smith.

Pretty pastel style fair 002

We’ve been good friends for 22 years ( our sons were born on the same day 21 years ago) and it’s such a treat spending the whole day together.

Pretty pastel style fair 004

When my children were small they loved her tiny knitted animals in their little sleeping bags.

Pretty pastel style fair 030

Little blue painted shelves with vintage mini bunting. I sold these on the same day in my Etsy shop.

Pretty pastel style fair 003Lovely Bambi.

There were lots of lovely stalls there.Pretty pastel style fair 005including Love Lane Vintage  who’s sister sold beautiful flowers from her stand.

Pretty pastel style fair 006

I love these paper straws by Peach Blossom . I remember paper straws when I was little. They were a real treat.  Before plastic straws there were only paper ones. We would suck up our drinks,  Nesquik if we were lucky and about half way through our drink the top of the straw would go completely  flat and soggy and close up. Who else remembers that ? I don’t think that paper straws then were treated with anything then. I’m sure they are now.

Pretty pastel style fair 008

Mable and Bird were there with lots of cushions and these adorable lavender birds.

Pretty pastel style fair 009

Anna Wiscombe  was there with her beautiful handmade wooden birds.

Pretty pastel style fair 010

Sesame and Lilly were there with some amazing cushions and other delectables.

Pretty pastel style fair 011

There was a queue  of people all day long waiting patiently for Selina to sign there books.

Pretty pastel style fair 014

Gorgeous padded coat hangers by Clover’s Closet 

Pretty pastel style fair 012

Selina with Debi Treloar photographer extraordinaire, who did the photos for Homespun Style and countless other lifestyle books. Debi’s lovely and I met her when she came to one of my Pop up Shops at home when Selina did a book signing there.  

Pretty pastel style fair 026

It was lovely to meet the very well known Vicky Trainor who produces the most amazing work with vintage textiles. She was there with her very good friend Jane Day from Tea with Ruby and they’d driven all the way from Cleveland (up North !) Peels of raucous laughter could be heard coming from their corner stand all day. They must have had aching tummy muscles by the end.

Pretty pastel style fair 027

More of Vicky’s beautiful creations.

Pretty pastel style fair 022

All day long the stall holders were brought cups of tea in these vintage cups and saucers by friends of Selina who helped her with the event. Chantal from HedegrowHome  brought us refills regularly and tea really really does taste better from vintage china. Something to do with the thin rims I think.

Pretty pastel style fair 024

Selina’s friend Laura froms  Cakey Bakes was in the Tea room with the most amazing homemade cakes and lemonade…….

Pretty pastel style fair 019

See the yellow and white paper straws ?

Pretty pastel style fair 020

She’d made the tallest Victoria sponge I’ve ever seen, I wish I’d measured it………

Pretty pastel style fair 016

and she made this !!!!!!!! a cake version of Selina’s book. It was stunning and everyone was taking pictures of it.

Pretty pastel style fair 023

I’ve never seen anything like it. It was unbelievable.

Pretty pastel style fair 031

Some of my vintage patchwork bunting.

Pretty pastel style fair 028

So despite the Arctic weather outside, everyone had a lovely day and went home happy and full of cake.


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A lovely Selina Lake feature with a few of my things included.

prima and quilt 001

Prima Magazine (March) came out a couple of days ago and I thumbed manically through the pages as the stylist Selina Lake  had borrowed a vintage fabric patchwork throw and three cushions from me.

prima and quilt 002

Page 81-83 they’re on  !! I was quite exited standing in the magazine section of Tesco at 9pm, my new shopping time which is quite relaxing as it’s not busy and the crying  babies and fed up toddlers are all at home. I think that after about 9pm they should put out a few comfy chairs so that those so inclined could read the mags in comfort instead of leaning heavily on our trolley.

prima and quilt 006

I could quite happily  spend a whole day in Tescos. I usually spend about half an hour in the magazine section anyway and sometimes meet a friend upstairs at Costa for a nice uninterrupted hour or two of quality catch up time.

prima and quilt 008

Then back downstairs to meander round shopping leisurely, reading labels, peering at calorie contents, noticing how it’s all so expensive these days and wondering if my kids will notice that I’ve bought Tescos own brand of Special K. (They did and declared it inedible so I gave it to the birds)

prima and quilt 003

Then I’d go and buy a couple of news papers, go back up in the lift to Costa and  have a nice cake or two which I didn’t have with my friend as we’re fiendishly slimming (not)….

prima and quilt 004

Then I’d go back down and maybe browse through the ‘colds and flue’ isle wondering if it’s actually worth buying vitamins and then maybe saunter (wearilly, after those two cakes) around the electronic isle looking at phones and ipads.

prima and quilt 007

By this time I would hope that at least one of my children would have bothered  to phone me to enquire as to my whereabouts….but probably not.

If my local Tesco had a bed and breakfast area for tired shoppers, like a little rest stop with own brand sheets, cheap slippers and mini tubes of toothpaste for those of us who couldn’t face the inevitable job ahead of unpacking the shopping and putting it away then I’d book ahead. As long as I got tipple club card points.

My throw featured here was £140 but to celebrate it being in Prima it’s now the amazingly good value of £95. The cushion was £45 and is now £38.

Stylist Selina Lake  is launching her lovely new book ‘Pretty Pastel Style’ with a wonderful fair with fantastic designer maker stall holders. I went to her last one nearly a year ago and it was so beautiful and quite exiting. It’s in Kingston West London on Friday the 22nd March 2013 and everyone is welcome. There will I’m sure be lots of cake.

The photo here are by Sussie Bell

prima and quilt 005


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