A little round-up of recent weeks

On a chilly day this spring, some lovely ladies from all over the world hired The Green Shed N10 for a day of spirituality, sharing stories, eating and bonding. I was invited to join and it was really wonderful. It will be repeated in December and it will be open to the public this time.

“Dear Nicky. Amazing that a week and a day have passed since our powerful gathering in your great space. It was a bit of magic in many ways and I wanted to thank you for your great contribution and generosity in helping it work and clearing up when we had to rush off to the concert. The wonderful collection of blankets, Maisie, and the tortoises added to its specialness.” Sara Adler

Children’s craft parties in The Green Shed N10

I did a lovely craft party two weeks ago for a little girl’s 7th birthday. We made mini bunting with beads and lavender bags. And, amazingly, every parent allowed me to use their child’s photo, for which I was grateful. It was one of these boiling hot days of drought but the shed is very insulated, partly because it has a ‘green’ roof, so never gets hot. Most of the parents stayed while the party was on and they drank prosecco in the garden.

“I wanted to recommend The Green Shed in Muswell Hill as a brilliant venue for children’s birthday parties. Nicky Grace is a great hostess who does craft activities with children and they made beaded bunting and lavender bags. A massive thank you to you. It was magical. The children had so much fun and I loved what they came home with. It was amazing for the parents to be able to just relax and enjoy your beautiful garden. It was a brilliant party; definitely the least stressful one we’ve done so far. One to repeat. Everyone, parents included, had a lovely time.”

Words and Wine creative writing

Every month, Nichola Charalambou holds her lovely creative writing evenings in The Green Shed. There’s wine, cheese and biscuits, and it’s lots of fun. Nichola particularly doesn’t give any critique, so it’s laid back, informal, non-competitive and non-judgemental. It’s different every time, with different themes. Some people try and make every one but there are always new people too. I am lucky enough to actually attend and though I’m no creative writer, that absolutely doesn’t matter, as it’s a joy to listen to some of those who are. For more details, please contact Nichola on her website, which is www.creativewrites.co.uk.

Ukulele and Crafts

Margie Gianni is a wonderful Italian ukulele teacher with bright pink hair. She held her Ukulittle party in The Green Shed a few weeks ago, which involved children and parents playing colourful ukuleles and singing. It was like a scene from The Sound of Music and it was absolutely adorable. She does all sorts of other activities with them too. On Thursday 30th August 2018, we’re collaborating with a special little event called Ukulele and Crafts. It’ll be in The Green Shed N10 and children will learn/play ukulele and also make crafts with me. Please visit www.northlondonukeleleclub.co.uk for more details.

Ukulele party a few weeks ago in The Green Shed N10

If you’d like more information about hiring The Green Shed or having a children’s party there, please visit www.thegreenshed.format.com or email me at nickygrace@hotmail.co.uk. I’m in the centre of Muswell Hill, North London, N10.

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