A wonderful Day in Brixton

So yesterday I met my lovely friend outside Brixton tube to go to the

Crafty Fox Market   in the Dog Star pub which is an amazing place in itself. Just emerging from the station I was struck by the beautiful Victorian buildings and how a lot of them are only one or two stories high  so that there’s lots of sky and light and even with a lot of police around and sirens it still felt magical, to me anyway. It was lovely to be away from suburbia for a day and Brixton is so vibrant and different and exiting. The market was very good with lots of stalls selling high end crafts and a lovely tea & cake area.

cakes with flakes !!

cakes with flakes !!

It got very busy and we headed to Brixton Village two minutes away which I’d very recently heard about.

Electric Avenue

Brixton Village

It’s the most amazing place. Huge and all under cover with beautiful vintage shops alongside butchers shops…………

Brixton Market

beautiful cafes and restaurants which are all quite small but with lots of seating  outside and piles of blankets for people to put on their laps if you’re chilly.

brixton village

It has the most amazing atmosphere, like a huge commune or family. Very friendly and somehow tolerant and co operative. It’s hard to explain……..

Brixton village

Un fancy   fabric shops, eye opening fish mongers, a stunning enamel kitchenware shop. There seemed to be no hierarchy in any way and the friendliness was palpable, probably because it’s just such a wonderful place to eat, shop, work……

Brixton market

It was a mixture of Mediterranean, Amsterdam, Europe and of course Jamaica. Calm, relaxed laid back and lovely. No pretensions,  no rush…

Brixton & cabbages & frocks 014

We spent some time in a lovely vintage shop called ‘2&6’ owned by Mark who’s a sort of Rolling Stone character of the vintage scene, very friendly, helpful & good company……..

Brixton & cabbages & frocks 013

We bought vintage fabric and Christmas cards from him…..

Brixton & cabbages & frocks 004

My friend and I both agreed that it was like being abroad, somewhere lovely. different sights, wonderful smells, lovely people, very relaxing……..and look what I found in the Jamaican grocers…

cock soup

and what with my name being Nicky Grace..well of course I had to buy it 🙂


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3 responses to “A wonderful Day in Brixton

  1. Jane Clucas

    I am privileged to be the ‘lovely friend’ – and what a wonderful day it was. Brixton Village is the most glorious place – truly uplifting. The most inspiration, colourful and friendly place. And seeing it through the eyes of my talented friend, Madame Nicky Grace…! Fabulous memories.


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  3. What an amazing market


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