Anemones and an article in Prima Magazine.

birthday cake, stork, anenomies 010I’ve always loved flowers but I remember being a small child and thinking that anemones  

birthday cake, stork, anenomies 006were fuddy duddy, musty,  dusty old lady flowers. I’ve sort of grown into them now. Oh dear.

birthday cake, stork, anenomies 007They are amazing actually aren’t they.

birthday cake, stork, anenomies 014There’s an article about me in Prima magazine, the April edition which came out about 3 weeks ago. Mags are always weeks ahead of themselves it seems.

birthday cake, stork, anenomies 018It’s quite odd seeing what you’ve said written in print. A bit surreal. It was an article with three women, me being one of them, who had shops in their houses.

birthday cake, stork, anenomies 017Gosh it’s tidy. I wish it was always like that. I’m a very untidy person.

birthday cake, stork, anenomies 013Here’s a stork on the pond in the park where I take the dog. I think it’s a stork. I know that  to people who live in the countryside it’s no big deal but for me it really is something special. It was absolutely freezing on that day last week and it just stood there completely still. I see it quite often.

birthday cake, stork, anenomies 004Lets have cake…….lemon drizzle anyone ?


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10 responses to “Anemones and an article in Prima Magazine.

  1. What a fun post! And CONGRATULATIONS on that fabulous article! Wish I could come see it in person! 🙂


  2. Hi Nicky
    That was a great read and inspirational as I worry about making too much , but friends have asked me if I would do a sale from home and I have never really thought about it. Now after reading this I think I will give a great deal of thought and maybe try one in the summer. The Handcrafted home. x Lovey read


  3. Great article. Amazing that I could read the whole article from a photo. Your room looks so lovely and welcoming, perfect lighting. I hope I can make it to your next pop-up.


  4. That is such a good idea! We have a website but no shop & people are always ringing us & asking to come and see our stock!


  5. Do you find your spatulas Nicky? (That bit made me giggle!) I’d love to come to one of your pop up shops just to help out! x


  6. Haha, eventually but I know there are still things missing that one day I’ll find at the back of some obscure cupboard. Please come anytime !!! That would be so nice xxx


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