Brick Lane and Spitalfields

spittalfields market 002This is where Jane and I started the day. I’d never been to Leon before.

spittalfields market 003

The food was nice and I love the graphics and illustrations they use,

spittalfields market

but this is what impressed me most. A lovely postcard with this printed on the back. I think every eatery  should have them.

spittalfields market 004

Lovely original shop front over the Ben Sherman shop.

spittalfields market 005

I asked a very handsome man if I could stroke his Chiwawa. Not really my kind of dog but it was so sweet I’m sure I could be converted.

spittalfields market 007We had a wander round Rokit  vintage clothes shop

spittalfields market 011went to a little vintage market….

spittalfields market 013

saw this gorgeous street art under a bridge….

spittalfields market 016

and went to one of our favourite shops call The Shop which is full to the brim with old table cloths, silk scarves etc all very neatly folded but not in an intimidating way where you’re afraid to touch.

spittalfields market 014

Beautiful old shop drawers in The shop.

spittalfields market 018

Lovely old cinema seats….

spittalfields market 019I Can’t remember what this shop’s called but it’s on a corner and it’s worth a visit.

spittalfields market 020

This shop really did rock ! It was lovely weather like today and they were playing records on an old turntable outside.

spittalfields market 021

spittalfields market 022

spittalfields market 023

Downstairs were hundreds of old books nicely stacked on shelves all very cosy,

spittalfields market 024

We then stumbled upon an amazing looking huge cake shop called Kahaila and had tea and cake.

spittalfields market 027

It has gorgeous yellow walls with beautiful prints hanging.

spittalfields market 025

spittalfields market 026

spittalfields market 029

We went in to the famous Beigel Bakery

spittalfields market 030

where we allowed a quick look in the back room to see them making the beigels.

spittalfields market 031

They were so friendly. This is the owner who started the shop about 40 years ago.

spittalfields market 032

spittalfields market 033

It was a privilege to be able to see them at work and it was so busy as usual.

spittalfields market 034

spittalfields market 038

spittalfields market 037

The owner of this shop told me that these photos were from the sixties magazine “Queen”, later to become Harpers and Queen.

spittalfields market 041

A street artist was painting a wall in Bacon street

spittalfields market 040

and then a bright orange neon fronted shop caught my eye.

spittalfields market 045

It was a lovely shop selling all sorts of interesting stuff and there were 4 shop cats in there ! This one just sat looking in the mirror the whole time.

spittalfields market 046

spittalfields market 047

spittalfields market 048

spittalfields market 050

The ceiling is hundreds of plastic milk cartons upside down with light bulbs inside.

spittalfields market 052

This is their card.

spittalfields market 053

I love these little bollard lights they sell.

spittalfields market 054

Cat on the counter.

spittalfields market 056

We started walking back to the station after a lovely warm day in London,

spittalfields market 060

I was very restrained that day and didn’t buy anything much but Jane bought some lovely vintage fabric.

spittalfields market 061

I love this little flower stall on the front of the apron.

spittalfields market 063

A lot of the area in Spitalfields has been modernized and I love the trees. I’m not sure if they’re the original trees or whether new mature ones have been planted.

spittalfields market 064

The buses were on diversion when I arrived back from town so I walked home which I never do, and spotted this lilac.

spittalfields market 066

I love this old police lamp outside our partially closed old police station which I think is now run by volunteers.

spittalfields market 065This is the local pub. It’s massive and is now a gastropub  with fantastic food and a huge outside area covered with fairy lights. It’s run by George who pretends it’s a ship and he’s the captain. He’s very funny on twitter. This pub is famous because it’s where the kinks used to come and write their songs when it was a bit of a dive years ago. I saw Ray Davies in Highgate the other day.

spittalfields market 068

This is a lovely tea room and shop round the corner to me.

spittalfields market 069

Edwardian tiles outside the butchers.

spittalfields market 070

There is a house round the corner called “Fairport”. The band Fairport Convention used to rehearse there and they named their band  after the house.

That was a long blog post !!


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3 responses to “Brick Lane and Spitalfields

  1. Nicky, this is my perfect day.
    So much in it, and I love it all, so I will try to pick my favourites.
    In no particular order:
    1. Those milk carton lights are fab.
    2. Love the fabrics.
    3.The floral street art – very sweet.
    4. A shop playing LPs – how great is that?
    5. A cat that can write – there is a whole post there, surely.
    6. The wooden drawers in that wonderful shop.


  2. Lovely long post full of gorgeous things!


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