Tea, Cake & Blogging

I’ve just realised I haven’t done a blog post this year. I’m not a natural blogger as the simplest of technical tasks leave me flummoxed and and reaching for the biscuit tin but I was having a tea and cake in  Chriskitch (our wonderful and amazing local deli/cafe) today with the lovely Lindsay of RedDesk.co.uk and she encouraged me to start blogging again.  


Mouth watering Cake from ChrisKitch


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4 responses to “Tea, Cake & Blogging

  1. You have been missed x

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  2. thehookstook

    I’m a bit of a techno-phobe too (though I each for crisps, not biscuits!) I find technology the opposite of riding a bike – the less you do it, the more likely you are to forget how! Definitely worth doing, even if just once a month. Look forward to more posts. 🙂

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