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OMG I’m in the book !! “Pretty Pastel Style” by Selina Lake

I received my copy of Selina’s brand new book a couple of weeks ago and was completely overwhelmed  to find so many pics of my house in it. I’ve taken photos of the pages and I’m not going to write anything with them because that would make me feel silly, like when an estate agent shows you round a house saying “this is the kitchen, this is the lounge” and you just want to ask him to please go away so you can look round in peace.  The photographer is Catherine Gratwicke and the words are by Joanna Simmons.

Pretty pastel style fair 025

The lovely embroidered hoop is by Vicky Trainor

The lovely embroidered hoop is by Vicky Trainor

Frans birthday 006

Frans birthday 007

Frans birthday 009

Frans birthday 013

Frans birthday 010

Frans birthday 014

Frans birthday 008

Frans birthday 012

Frans birthday 015

Frans birthday 016

Frans birthday 017

Frans birthday 018

Frans birthday 019

Frans birthday 020

Selina's bike

Selina’s bike

Thank you SO much Selina Lake, Catherine Gratwicke, Joanna Simmons and publishers http://www.rylandpeters.com


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Mini Vintage Bunting

Mini Vintage Bunting

Mini Vintage Bunting

I’ve been making vintage bunting for many years and now I also make vintage patchwork bunting and mini vintage bunting (pictured).

My bunting isn’t the sort which is used to decorate large venues, marquees or streets. I source my fabric from all over the world. Some of it was handmade in the thirties and forties. Some is hand dyed. The sort of colours and patterns I like weren’t too difficult to get a few years ago, now unfortunately it’s like gold dust so every little piece is precious. I add small pieces of gingham, polka dots and muslin and make it by the meter. Each little piece is like a jewel and I cut them all differently and I also dye some myself so that each string of bunting is a beautifully precious little collection of quality vintage fabric in glorious ice cream colours.

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