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Very tasty pin cushions

20140414-184322.jpgI’ve been making pin cushions out of damaged, vintage embroidered tablecloths.

20140414-184916.jpgThe embroidery was done in the Forties and Fifties and I only recently realised the pattern was already printed onto the linen so in that sense it was easy as they had a pattern to sew on.

20140414-185619.jpgYou can tell how good the person was at embroidery partly because sometimes they didn’t cover the lines properly so you can see bits of the printing which should have been covered.

20140414-190022.jpgThe real art though is in the colours. I’ve been collecting vintage table cloths for 20 years and so often I’ll see one which has been expertly made yet the colours aren’t very inspiring and I always think what a shame to have worked so hard and spent so many hours making it yet the result isn’t too enchanting. That’s unfortunately the case with most of them which is why when I find ones like these it’s like finding gold dust.

20140414-190842.jpgI wonder about the ladies who made them. Were they young, middle aged, elderly ? How did they even have time to embroider tablecloths when they had so much else to do, cooking from scratch, hand washing, looking after their families etc without all the mod cons we have.

20140414-191429.jpgSaying that though, they didn’t have televisions and if I didn’t watch so much TV I could probably embroider at least a couple of large table cloths every week ūüôā I’m glad they did it though so I don’t have to.

20140414-192300.jpgSo here they are all together. I’ve also added some vintage fabric flowers to make them even more colourful and scrumptious.

20140414-192538.jpgAnd here they are all dressed for Easter.
I think a pin cushion should be beautiful because it’ll be next to you while you sew ¬†year after year. Mine is one of the very first things I made and I still love it.


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Here I go again

I’m trying to get into a rhythm of blogging but it’s hopeless. It’s like doing homework and I put it off and put it off and then when I try again WordPress has changed and I get stuck and email Lindsay at who helps me but then I leave it again for a few weeks and then something changes again and arggggggg.

I want to blog. I have ideas constantly and I write blogs in my head all the time, while I’m walking the dog, having a shower, cooking etc. It’s just the mechanics I’m not good at. Ideally I’d like to have someone to do it for me, so they could follow me round while I’m doing doing the washing and cleaning, shopping, working and driving and I could dictate stuff and they could blog it with the photos I take. Oh I’d love that !
They could also maybe take the rubbish out for me, go to Tescos, unload the dishwasher, cook me lovely healthy dinners every night and mend my cutlery drawer which is stuck. I’d be very good to them and pay them well because I’d have won ten million pounds on the lottery, which is the only way I could possibly afford such a luxurious extravagance.
I’ve just eaten 3 caramel Lindor chocolates and an Easter rabbit’s bottom so I’m in a chocolate induced hayes dreaming of what will never be.
I pledge that I will make myself to blog once a week ish from now on and hopefully it’ll eventually come naturally…..

20140307-140523.jpgThese are one of my sets of Dutch drawers. I don’t know real real name for them but years ago I’d go to Amsterdam regularly and I collected them. There weren’t many around even 20 years ago and now they’re quite rare.
I think it’s from around the fifties and most houses had one in their kitchen for their flour, sugar, herbs and spices. In the Uk we had plastic ones I remember.

20140307-142622.jpgI keep lots of my sewing things in this one including my name labels.

20140307-142756.jpgThis one is for sugar. I know sugar is the devil but I love it and always have. I especially love sugar lumps but if I had a box in the house I’d eat them all in a couple of days.
My friend bought me these lovely brown sugar stirrers the other day.

20140307-143812.jpgMy youngest turned 18 last week so technically they’re all adults and my work here is done ! ūüôā whew.

20140307-145335.jpgI’m making a new little picture with vintage fabric to go in my etsy shop.

Till next time xxx


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A few things I’m going to sell on eBay







Andy Bridge is my favourite artist and I’m lucky to have collected his work for years. Now that I’ve given over a room to my little guest room business I’ve had to be a bit ruthless and de clutter slightly so I’m going to give other people a turn to have some of these beautiful pictures.


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Flowers, hearts and a pigeon in June 2013

Photo 10-06-2013 16 42 10Vintage fabric mini garland in my shop. I love making these so much as every piece is different and beautiful. There is old embroidery of hyacinths and patchwork in this one and I’ve cut out some flowers too.

Photo 12-04-2013 18 59 12Patchwork vintage fabric cushion covers with old Disney characters, embroidery and florals.

Photo 27-03-2013 11 41 00One of my cut flower collages which I make using vintage floral fabric.

Photo 15-04-2013 12 38 12Vintage fabric patchwork throw. Lovely over a settee or bed.

Photo 07-05-2013 12 57 29Flowers from my garden a couple of weeks ago. Tulips, wall flowers, bluebells and forget me nots in a tiny little glass.

Photo 08-05-2013 12 26 04One of my vintage fabric lavender hearts. This floral fabric was made in the thirties.

Photo 10-05-2013 19 08 31A small selection from my little on line shop.

Photo 08-05-2013 12 55 52Little patchwork pin cushion. The blue fabric is from 1940’s America and is so precious. I ¬†treasure every tiny piece ūüôā

Photo 16-05-2013 19 54 16The bluebells in my garden were extra blue and lasted a long time this year due to the cool damp May/June.

Photo 21-05-2013 13 44 38Flowers from the garden. Lilac, bluebells, wall flowers. I LOVE this picture………

Photo 27-05-2013 15 51 11Lilac, borage, ceanothus, forget me nots, fairy washing up liquid, my lovely pigeon card and cut out vintage fabric flowers.

Photo 27-05-2013 15 15 12More lovely blue and purple flowers. xxx


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OMG I’m in the book !! “Pretty Pastel Style” by Selina Lake

I¬†received my copy of Selina’s brand new book a couple of weeks ago and was completely overwhelmed ¬†to find so many pics of my house in it.¬†I’ve taken photos of the pages and I’m not going to write anything with them because that would make me feel silly, like when an estate agent shows you round a house saying “this is the kitchen, this is the lounge” and you just want to ask him to please go away so you can look round in peace. ¬†The photographer is Catherine Gratwicke and the words are by Joanna Simmons.

Pretty pastel style fair 025

The lovely embroidered hoop is by Vicky Trainor

The lovely embroidered hoop is by Vicky Trainor

Frans birthday 006

Frans birthday 007

Frans birthday 009

Frans birthday 013

Frans birthday 010

Frans birthday 014

Frans birthday 008

Frans birthday 012

Frans birthday 015

Frans birthday 016

Frans birthday 017

Frans birthday 018

Frans birthday 019

Frans birthday 020

Selina's bike

Selina’s bike

Thank you SO much Selina Lake, Catherine Gratwicke, Joanna Simmons and publishers


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Selina Lake’s book launch and vintage fair for “Pretty Pastel Style” March 2013

Pretty pastel style fair 013

I’d had a stall at Selina’s book launch and vintage fair a year ago for ‘Homespun Style’ so I knew that this event would be lovely too and it really was. It was in Kingston Surrey in a beautiful old building called Market House in Market Place¬†surrounded by lovely shops, fruit and veg stalls and¬†hustle and bustle. Selina’s used a few pictures of my house in her new book so I felt quite ‘part of it’ and a bit¬†bowled over actually.

My vintage fabric flower pictures

My vintage fabric flower pictures

Jane's vintage fabric purses and make up bags

Jane’s vintage fabric purses and make up bags

My good¬†friend Jane Clucas came too and we shared a stall as we had also done at the last book launch. ¬†Jane makes the most beautiful purses, make up bags, tiny animals in vintage sleeping bags and other things. She’s been a designer/ maker for about 20 and has sold to Cath Kidston, The Conran Shop, Couverture,¬†among others and currently sells to Paul Smith.

Pretty pastel style fair 002

We’ve been good friends for 22 years ( our sons were born on the same day 21 years ago) and it’s such a treat spending the whole day together.

Pretty pastel style fair 004

When my children were small they loved her tiny knitted animals in their little sleeping bags.

Pretty pastel style fair 030

Little blue painted shelves with vintage mini bunting. I sold these on the same day in my Etsy shop.

Pretty pastel style fair 003Lovely Bambi.

There were lots of lovely stalls there.Pretty pastel style fair 005including Love Lane Vintage ¬†who’s sister sold beautiful¬†flowers from her stand.

Pretty pastel style fair 006

I love these paper straws by Peach Blossom¬†. I remember paper straws when I was little. They were a real treat. ¬†Before plastic straws there were only paper ones. We would suck up our drinks, ¬†Nesquik¬†if we were lucky and about half way through our drink the top of the straw would go¬†completely¬† flat and soggy and close up. Who else remembers that ? I don’t think that paper straws then were treated with anything then. I’m sure they are now.

Pretty pastel style fair 008

Mable and Bird were there with lots of cushions and these adorable lavender birds.

Pretty pastel style fair 009

Anna Wiscombe  was there with her beautiful handmade wooden birds.

Pretty pastel style fair 010

Sesame and Lilly were there with some amazing cushions and other delectables.

Pretty pastel style fair 011

There was a queue  of people all day long waiting patiently for Selina to sign there books.

Pretty pastel style fair 014

Gorgeous padded coat hangers by Clover’s Closet¬†

Pretty pastel style fair 012

Selina with Debi Treloar photographer¬†extraordinaire, who did the photos for Homespun Style and countless other lifestyle books. Debi’s lovely and I met her when she came to one of my Pop up Shops at home when Selina did a book signing there.¬†¬†

Pretty pastel style fair 026

It was lovely to meet the very well known Vicky Trainor who produces the most amazing work with vintage textiles. She was there with her very good friend Jane Day from Tea with Ruby¬†and they’d driven all the way from Cleveland (up North !) Peels of raucous laughter could be heard coming from their corner stand all day. They must have had aching tummy muscles by the end.

Pretty pastel style fair 027

More of Vicky’s beautiful creations.

Pretty pastel style fair 022

All day long the stall holders were brought cups of tea in these vintage cups and saucers by friends of Selina who helped her with the event. Chantal from HedegrowHome  brought us refills regularly and tea really really does taste better from vintage china. Something to do with the thin rims I think.

Pretty pastel style fair 024

Selina’s friend Laura froms¬†¬†Cakey Bakes¬†was in the Tea room with the most amazing homemade cakes and lemonade…….

Pretty pastel style fair 019

See the yellow and white paper straws ?

Pretty pastel style fair 020

She’d made the tallest Victoria sponge I’ve ever seen, I wish I’d measured it………

Pretty pastel style fair 016

and she made this !!!!!!!! a cake version of Selina’s book. It was stunning and everyone was taking pictures of it.

Pretty pastel style fair 023

I’ve never seen anything like it. It was¬†unbelievable.

Pretty pastel style fair 031

Some of my vintage patchwork bunting.

Pretty pastel style fair 028

So despite the Arctic weather outside, everyone had a lovely day and went home happy and full of cake.


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Three of my things on the front cover of Prima Spring Makes magazine April 2013 !!

Frans birthday 003It’s a beautiful magazine and the front page and the styling was done by Selina Lake. The floral heart (top left) and the moustache cushion ¬†are by Thimble & Bobbin, the Aunty card is by Abigail Warner, the little floral note books are by Emma Wilson, the LOVE postcard is by Cassia Beck, the lavender card and vintage lavender pillows are by Sesame and Lilly¬†¬†and the vintage embroidered hoop, lavender bag and yellow floral lavender heart are by me¬†!!

Blimey that took ages, I’m not a natural at all this copy/paste/link business but I wanted to acknowledge all the other artists on the front cover with me.

Frans birthday 004Amongst all the beautiful pages is a six page spread about stylist/maker Torie Jayne¬†who’s well known for her amazing blog.

Birdhouse Key rack

Birdhouse Key rack

Torie's workroom

Torie’s workroom.¬†I love that pink chair !!

Some of her lovely things

Some of her lovely things

Her business card

Her business card.

I met Torie at Selina’s book launch a few weeks ago when she came to my stand and introduced herself. I was quite taken aback because I didn’t know she’d be there. She gave me her card and I’ve kept it¬†safely because it’s SO lovely. One of the nicest business cards I’ve ever seen.


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