A few nice pics



I’m missing my flowers in the garden as it gets colder so I thought I’d post a few on here. Just the orange ones as they’re my very fave.

mini bunting

three strands of mini vintage bunting

I’ve been making bunting for my Open House Sale in 10 days. I mainly make it in 2 meter strands which is £12.  Not bad eh.


The joy of orange nasturtiums from seed


and bright pink sweet peas from seed

Autumn mini bunting

The blue and white florals were made by hand in France in the thirties. The  pinky purple rose fabric was also made by hand in the thirties but in America. It’s all so precious.

The blue and white polka dot is from a damaged fifties dress.


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4 responses to “A few nice pics

  1. Hello, love your open house days, was lovely to see all your handmade goodies again today. I’m posting a write up about it tomorrow on my blog, I hope you like it!



    • Thank you so much for taking the time to do a post about me on your blog. I’m very flattered & the photos are lovely. I love the bright colours. I tried to reply on your blog but I’m not sure how to as I’m on WordPress and am not sure if I can. I’ll link your post to my twitter. Thanks again, Nicky xx

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