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My Blue Garden

20140516-194548.jpgEvery year at the middle of May, my garden turns blue.

20140516-194751.jpgThe Solanum which I planted about 5 years ago is very happy and has grown over the swing hammock so we can’t sit on it yet ! I’m a very lazy gardener and shouldn’t have let that happen but I don’t mind.

20140516-195247.jpgThere are lots and lots of bluebells which have now spread and are growing against the ugly old wall that I painted in blue emulsion when we moved here.

20140516-195636.jpgThe Ceanothus which was a tiny little thing is now 7 feet tall

20140516-195927.jpgand the Wisteria is apparently over 100 years old and is now on borrowed time as it relies on a very tall, brittle, dead plum tree for support.

20140516-200556.jpgA friend once gave me a very small old enamel bath that she no longer wanted. She said it was from an old ship. I put it behind the back door and planted a little lilac shrub in it which has got huge and smells divine in the morning sun.


20140516-201142.jpgThe forget me knots spread more and more every year and I love them so much.

20140516-201818.jpgI’ve been cutting bits off very few days to have inside and they last surprisingly long as cut flowers.

20140516-202033.jpgIt all flowers together for about 3 weeks and it’s a very special time in my garden.

20140516-202237.jpgIt inspired me to make blue and purple floral garlands which I’ve put in my etsy shop.

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A few nice pics



I’m missing my flowers in the garden as it gets colder so I thought I’d post a few on here. Just the orange ones as they’re my very fave.

mini bunting

three strands of mini vintage bunting

I’ve been making bunting for my Open House Sale in 10 days. I mainly make it in 2 meter strands which is £12.  Not bad eh.


The joy of orange nasturtiums from seed


and bright pink sweet peas from seed

Autumn mini bunting

The blue and white florals were made by hand in France in the thirties. The  pinky purple rose fabric was also made by hand in the thirties but in America. It’s all so precious.

The blue and white polka dot is from a damaged fifties dress.


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Mini Vintage Bunting

Mini Vintage Bunting

Mini Vintage Bunting

I’ve been making vintage bunting for many years and now I also make vintage patchwork bunting and mini vintage bunting (pictured).

My bunting isn’t the sort which is used to decorate large venues, marquees or streets. I source my fabric from all over the world. Some of it was handmade in the thirties and forties. Some is hand dyed. The sort of colours and patterns I like weren’t too difficult to get a few years ago, now unfortunately it’s like gold dust so every little piece is precious. I add small pieces of gingham, polka dots and muslin and make it by the meter. Each little piece is like a jewel and I cut them all differently and I also dye some myself so that each string of bunting is a beautifully precious little collection of quality vintage fabric in glorious ice cream colours.

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Mini Vintage Bunting in My Kitchen

Mini Vintage Bunting in My Kitchen

Mini Vintage Bunting in My Kitchen

This photo was taken during one of my Vintage Pop Up Shop Open House Weekends. You can just see the tips of the Easter Bunnies ears at the bottom !

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