Having a nice quite time putting things in my new Etsy shop

hoop picture

This was a slightly damaged vintage table cloth, embroidered  about seventy years ago. It’s probably spent most of it’s life neatly folded in a drawer only being brought out and used for special occasions like visitors coming round for tea and home made cake. It’s been so beautifully done. Not all vintage embroidery was so well done. Some ladies lacked the patience or skill and some didn’t have much sense of colour  but when I find one like this it’s a real joy and I try and imagine what she was like.

I don’t know where they found time to embroider as they had none of the labour saving devices we have now.

I’ve attached this piece to a wooden embroidery hoop which I’ve painted pale green and I’ve also added other little vintage flowers to make it even lovelier.


hoop picture


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