Selling other people’s things on Ebay

cherry pie

Cherry pie

As well as making and selling my own things. For many years I’ve also been buying work by other artists and designers whose work I love.  I used to sell at my lovely shop which was called The Middle Room in Crouch End North London and while I no longer have the shop I’ve never stopped buying and selling. Cherry Pie Painting

Airfix Panther Tank

This is the work of a very successful commercial artist Andy Bridge. It’s just beautiful. I used to visit him at his studio when he was in London and buy a lot of his work directly.

George Best

George Best

He’s designed over 170 book covers and illustrated for a lot of magazines. A lot  of pictures I have of his were done specifically for these commissions and then I’d buy them from him after they’d been photographed and used.

Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello

I’ll be listing a few of these gorgeous original paintings every week for your delectation 🙂

Pink shoe

Pink Shoe

They’re painted directly onto wood and then scratched to age them a bit. They are collectable and unique.


Winter Robin

These little robins are so sweet and at 14cm square they’re very easy to send in the post.

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