Funds for Gretel Parker

I’ve known about Donna flower for a long time as she’s a very well known in the fabric world as  she deals in vintage textiles and I’ve bought from her in the past. Her website is amazing and I’ve always fancied going to see her shop in Devon.

Anyway, on her face book the other day she linked to a page on her friend Gretel Parker‘s blog where Gretel had written a short piece about the very recent death of her husband Paul. I don’t know Gretel but what she had written was one of the saddest things I’ve ever read and the way she had written it was so unbelievably moving that I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Donna flower and a few of her friends have decided to try and help Gretel as she’s in dire straights financially and could possibly loose her home. They’ve asked for artist/maker friends of Gretel and other people to donate a piece of their work and all the work will then go into a raffle. The raffle tickets are extremely reasonable and the prizes are beautiful original pieces of art.

I’m feel very honored that Donna asked me to donate something too and I’ve given her two of my vintage cut flower & blue flower bowls 007

pink & blue flower bowls 005

Donna and friends have set up a page where you can buy the raffle tickets or donate money and it’s gone berserk as people are so keen to help Gretel at this terrible  time and also the list of prizes is very enticing, you can see all the photos of them.

Funds for Gretel is this link and you you can see what’s going on. I don’t think she has much family but she obviously has some amazing friends. Please spread the word….and help make a difference. xx


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4 responses to “Funds for Gretel Parker

  1. You’re my hero! Hugs, Katherine


  2. That’s lovely of you, thank you so much on her behalf xxx


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