A little light lunch in Muswell Hill

corn bread etc 003

This won’t be a very wordy post because I’m in a rush and want to post regularly about this place because it’s so good so it’s mainly just photos and I want to do it quickly so you can see this and then hurry on down there !

Anyway i’ve just had lunch at Chriskitch again in Muswell Hill. You can read my full blog post about it here  Fantastic new cafe/deli .

On offer today, amongst other things is the most amazing leek & potato soup with unbelievably delicious homemade cornbread.

corn bread etc 004

There was also olive oil & balsamic vinegar to dip it in…

corn bread etc 005

Roasted chicken with roast vegetables ……..

corn bread etc 001

No words are need here….

corn bread etc 002

or here.

Everything is home made on site by the owners Chris and Bibi. The atmosphere is lovely, the prices are very reasonable and it’s just a nice place to be.

7a, Tetherdown,

Next to Fortismere school,

Open till 6pm

Closed on Monday.


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3 responses to “A little light lunch in Muswell Hill

  1. What a coincidence, bought some leeks and potatoes today so we can have soup tomorrow. Shame we won’t be having that delicious looking cornbread with it.


  2. It looks so scrummy, shame I live so far away! Tell them to open a Cardiff branch!


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