Encouraging comments on Face Book

flower cards 001

I’m just realizing that the amount of people that see my posts on Face Book

directly correlates to the amount of people who leave a comment.

flower cards 005 I get a few likes sometimes which is always nice and shows that people have seen the posts but it’s the interaction that counts, which means commenting about the post. The more comments the more people get to see it. I don’t know how Face Book works but comments seem to generate action.  I’m not very good at explaining things I don’t understand !

I’m a culprit myself. I’ll see something nice on someone’s page and press the ‘like’ button but not often comment because I can’t think what to say and whatever I do say sounds phoney or cheesy and it’s a bit cringe….. I don’t always want to comment anyway, I just want to ‘like’ and go. But now I realize that it’s the comments that make the Face Book world go round I shall make much more effort to do so.

flower cards 006

I’ve also noticed and been told by  social media expert Lindsay that if you don’t comment on people’s posts or they don’t comment on yours that Face Book now don’t show you those posts any more and not only is that a real shame but when you have a business (fan) page it’s  also detrimental. FB now want people to pay for posts  to reach more people which does work as I’ve tried it but I’d much rather deal in comments than £££.

To encourage such comments I’ll do little competitions sometimes on my page which is what I made these cards for. That was all a bit long winded wasn’t it. Never been good at explaining myself, sorry xx Press this !


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6 responses to “Encouraging comments on Face Book

  1. Also if you want to be sure to see the comments from a particular page you can hover over the pages ‘Liked’ button & select ‘show in Newsfeed’ this guarantees you will see posts whether you ‘like’ or ‘comment’.


  2. Also keep within Facebook rules for competitions – eg. you can run one outside of an app.


  3. I didn’t know any of this stuff, and also didn’t know what you said, Lindsay, so thankyou. I feel the same though, I would like to comment more but worry I’m repeating myself. Lovely cards.


  4. Hi Nicky,
    Not sure if you remember me – I’m Georgina’s friend and I came to one of your pop up shops and met Selina Lake. I bought some of your gorgeous mini bunting and an embroidered tablecloth. I’m getting married next year and am looking for some more embroidered linen etc to use to decorate the venue. I was wondering when your next pop up shop will be or if you have any that are for sale? If so, please feel free to email me, or contact me via Georgina! Thanks xxx Gemma
    P.S just read the Prima with your lovely makes which prompted me to get in touch! x


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