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Selling other people’s things on Ebay

cherry pie

Cherry pie

As well as making and selling my own things. For many years I’ve also been buying work by other artists and designers whose work I love.  I used to sell at my lovely shop which was called The Middle Room in Crouch End North London and while I no longer have the shop I’ve never stopped buying and selling. Cherry Pie Painting

Airfix Panther Tank

This is the work of a very successful commercial artist Andy Bridge. It’s just beautiful. I used to visit him at his studio when he was in London and buy a lot of his work directly.

George Best

George Best

He’s designed over 170 book covers and illustrated for a lot of magazines. A lot  of pictures I have of his were done specifically for these commissions and then I’d buy them from him after they’d been photographed and used.

Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello

I’ll be listing a few of these gorgeous original paintings every week for your delectation 🙂

Pink shoe

Pink Shoe

They’re painted directly onto wood and then scratched to age them a bit. They are collectable and unique.


Winter Robin

These little robins are so sweet and at 14cm square they’re very easy to send in the post.

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A few nice pics



I’m missing my flowers in the garden as it gets colder so I thought I’d post a few on here. Just the orange ones as they’re my very fave.

mini bunting

three strands of mini vintage bunting

I’ve been making bunting for my Open House Sale in 10 days. I mainly make it in 2 meter strands which is £12.  Not bad eh.


The joy of orange nasturtiums from seed


and bright pink sweet peas from seed

Autumn mini bunting

The blue and white florals were made by hand in France in the thirties. The  pinky purple rose fabric was also made by hand in the thirties but in America. It’s all so precious.

The blue and white polka dot is from a damaged fifties dress.


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Flat screen tv versus the fireplace

When we moved into our derelict Victorian wreck 12 years ago, I had the fireplace  knocked through in the front room. I left it as rough brick, painted it green, put our old grate in it and filled it with fairy lights. It was beautiful and I loved it. Roll on a few years and our very old telly in the corner lost the will to live and as I sadly put it in the front garden for the council to take away, my children started working on me to buy a big flat screen tv. I love telly as much as the next person but I hate big flat screen tvs. I think  they’re dominating,  aesthetically unpleasing   and a bit sinister. Anyway, it was 3 against me and I reluctantly gave in and bought the horrid thing. That was about 5 years ago and I’ve barely been in the front room since, literally.

Then I was chatting to a lovely marketing lady Chloe Goddard about decorating fireplaces at Christmas and how  I was making my mini vintage bunting in Autumn/Winter colours and how they’d look lovely edging the top of fireplaces  and she suggested I do a mock up and take a few photos.

That was just the push I needed so while my kids were all out I moved the hideous creature (flat screen tv) from the focal point of my living room and reclaimed my beautiful fireplace.  The creature is now on a shelf in the alcove behind a curtain and is no longer the undeserved  centerpiece of room and as a result the room feels welcoming, serene and cosy again.


Mini vintage bunting around the fireplace


Ceramic floral jugs, candles, mini vintage bunting and plants in the fireplace.


If you don’t want a fire but still want the focal point of your room to look lovely then just paint it with emulsion and put a few nice things in it.

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Hand knitted finger puppets

Finger puppets

Hand knitted finger puppets

I’ve always loved the work of my friend Jane Clucas who’s been making wonderful things with vintage fabric for many years. We meet up every few weeks usually in Berkhamsted (Herts) and have a 3 hour lunch in The Attic cafe which does the most amazing food and never fails to impress.
Jane made these beautiful little vintage fabric sleeping bags for these hand knitted puppets and I’ve just listed them in my shop.

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Discarded petals on the floor

Petals on the ground

Discarded petals on the floor

I was messing around with flowers and petals as visual props for some of my mini vintage bunting photos and I couldn’t let them go without taking a pic of them first. I’m an unusually sentimental person.

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Bunting and bowl… beautiful..

bunting and yellow bowl

mini vintage bunting & a yellow handmade bowl

My mini vintage bunting and my friend Fran’s ceramics are are a match made in Heaven. Her handmade bowls are all unique and each one is just divine. You can find a selection of them in my on line shop.

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Beautiful hand made bowls

Beautiful hand made bowls

Handmade floral ceramic bowls

Wonderful floral bowls handmade by Fran Kaye available here

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Lovely hand made teddy

hand knitted teddy

hand knitted teddy

I love these teddies, hand made for me in the colours I’ve chosen, by a very clever lady called Julie.

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Birthday Flowers

Lovely flowers this year, tons of them.

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